Why Should You Use DNP.io as Your Domain Name Management Tool?  


Save Time
You don't have to log in to every registrar to check status of the domains you own. With DNP.io, you can upload all your domains in one go and track everything in one place.

Sort & Filter
Is your buyer looking for one word .com domains with more than 15 years of age? Now you don't have to manually scroll through your BIG list of domains to find out. Use the filters, generate lists and share a link with your buyers!

Customized Marketplace
You'll soon realize that there has never been a better way to showcase your domain portfolio to your buyers! Add/Remove/Edit fields in your marketplace and you decide what you let others see and how they see it!

Email Notifications
Do you want a daily or weekly list of all domains in your portfolio? Or the domains expiring in the next 3 days or one week or one month? Get reminded whenever you want.

How It Works


Add domains to DNP
Add your domains in one click and we will fetch all the details

Create your marketplace
Set up your marketplace
the way you want

View charts/graphs
Make your next move
the best move

share your lists and sell
Share your lists to domainers get inquiries and sell your domain


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